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Control Systems

Control Systems, Plano, TX For more than three decades, DanCar Industrial Group has been partnering with clients across the States to provide world-class industrial control systems and automation. Our solutions work for a variety of industrial applications across different industries. Whether you run a mega factory, a heavy industry manufacturing unit, or a small-scale factory, with our market-leading services, you can take charge of your systems better.

All Types of Industrial Control Systems Under One Roof

We provide a whole gamut of services to our clients that are mentioned below but are not limited to:

  • Design, integration, and engineering services
  • Field service and Calibration, factory acceptance & systems testing
  • Training on systems operation and maintenance
  • Adherence to industry standards
  • Network designing and hardware specification

In the past, we have served a variety of industries that have benefitted from our expertise in control systems. Our clients include the following types of industries:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Packaging
  • Construction materials
  • Heavy Equipment manufacturers
  • Paper milling
  • Chemical industries

Why Should You Partner with Us for Industrial Control Systems?

Through the deep portfolio of control systems and services, DanCar Industrial Group supports every stage of an industry’s lifecycle and the people who are assigned to run it. Be it implementation, cybersecurity, management of parts of training, we are with you through every step. We draw on our extens knowledge bank that spans three decades to bring you the perfect solutions that are not just easy to install but also easier to maintain.

If you need a partner who believes in balancing the benefits and the cost so that your unique control system requirements are met, you can rely on our expertise!

Industrial Control Systems are Key to Safety

We have been instrumental in providing positive outcomes for customers who operate across a wide range of industries. Our reliable control systems provide a cost-effective, next-generation ICS solution that is thoughtfully designed to suit your space. The software contains a clear understanding of the entire plant operations and logical processes that trigger alarms and system alerts in case of any failures.

Both mechanical and instrumentation solutions can be retrofitted with our ICS solutions so that you have finer control over each aspect of your plant. We offer all our solutions as either stand-alone systems or ones that can be integrated with the existing systems in your plant depending upon your need. We offer full service and maintenance of the standard or custom solutions that we provide. Depending on your requirements, you may either choose to train your people or hire our experts to maintain the systems!

With ICS being an integral part of any industry, if you need assistance in any manner or you have any query regarding the control systems solutions you already have, feel free to discuss it with us over a call at (972) 633-1200. You may also choose to connect with us through our website's online form if you are looking for a quote on a projects!

We provide services throughout the contiguous United States, including but not limited to: