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Concrete Services, Plano, TX As a durable and multipurpose material, concrete has gained a great deal of popularity across various industries and applications. In case you are trying to tackle a construction or renovation project, you might be looking for quality concrete and various related services. This is where professional concrete services become helpful. And choosing a well-reputed company is a must! At DanCar Industrial Group, we are one of the leading companies in this field. And we have built an impressive track record in Plano, Texas over the years!

Concrete Design

Concrete is available in varying degrees of hardness and strength, depending on its ingredients. Concrete mix design refers to the science of mixing the ingredients in the right proportion to obtain the desired results. When you hire a professional company for concrete mix design, they will provide you with the right type of concrete for the application. The materials of a concrete mix usually remain the same, namely:

  • Cement
  • Water
  • Fine aggregate-like sand
  • Coarse aggregates
  • Air

If necessary, one may add chemicals, too. However, the proportion of the ingredients is what really makes the difference! When you work with a professional company, their team would create the concrete based on the application for which you need it.

Concrete Demolition

At times, it might be necessary to demolish and remove concrete from a property. It could be a driveway, a wall, or any concrete structure. Regardless of whether it is a residential property or a commercial one, you would want to get the job handled by professionals. Here is why it isn’t a wise choice to try out DIY methods or let inexperienced individuals carry out the demolition:

  • Equipment: Demolishing concrete effectively and efficiently requires a variety of equipment. Not only is it hard for an inexperienced person to choose the right tool for the job, but you may not even possess it. Professional companies always keep their teams well-equipped for various concrete demolition projects.
  • Safety: Demolishing concrete without taking necessary precautions is outright dangerous. For instance, flying pieces of concrete shrapnel could damage your property or even result in serious injuries. Professionals always implement various safety practices to prevent such accidents from occurring.
  • Expertise: Professional expertise is crucial for such tasks. A team that has ample experience in demolishing and installing concrete can handle the job efficiently. They would get the job done faster and at lower expenses. It always pays off to have experienced professionals on your side!

Thus, it would make sense to rope in a professional company, like us, to handle a concrete demolition project!

Specialty Concrete and Machine Foundations

In the industrial field, concrete finds several additional applications besides regular construction. One of these is building the foundation for various machinery. These jobs often require specialty concrete meant particularly for the task. A machinery foundation must be strong enough to bear the load of the machinery on it, besides various forms of mechanical stress in an industrial environment.

It is evidently logical to hire a leading company for such tasks, to tackle the project in a smooth and hassle-free manner. If you wish to contact DanCar Industrial Group, just fill out this form or call us at (972) 633-1200.

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