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Installation of System

Installation of System, Plano, TX In an industrial environment, the value and importance of insulation are immense. Be it electrical or thermal, every type of insulation plays a specific and crucial role. If you oversee an industrial facility, you would have to ensure that all the insulations are fully functional. It is logical to work with a reputed company that offers system insulation products and services. This way, all the wiring, piping and other components of the system would remain properly insulated. We, at DanCar Industrial Group, can cover your insulation requirements in Plano, Texas.

What Are the Insulation Products and Services That We Can Provide You With?

When you work with a leading company, they can provide you with a comprehensive range of insulation products and services. Some of the key areas where such companies may be helpful include:

Ductwork Insulation

In an industrial facility that uses an HVAC system, it is crucial to insulate the ducts. Without adequate thermal insulation, the ambient temperature would negatively affect the temperature of the air in the ducts. This, in turn, reduces the efficiency of the HVAC system and causes it to consume more money. Ideally, one should keep the supply ducts as well as the return ducts insulated. Adequate insulation helps to eliminate condensation and dripping, thus preventing mold growth.

Equipment Insulation

For a variety of industrial equipment, insulation is crucial for the safety of the workers and the efficiency of the system. Based on the equipment and the insulation material, it may perform different tasks, such as:

  • Electrical insulation
  • Thermal insulation
  • Noise insulation
  • Mechanical insulation

It is best to insulate every piece of industrial equipment in a customized manner, such that the insulation can serve its purpose to the fullest.

Tank and Vessel Insulation

In case a tank holds a liquid or a gas that needs to remain at a specific temperature, it would require thermal insulation. Tank and vessel insulation can be of large scales, depending on the size of the tank. Proper insulation would ensure minimal heat loss, thus keeping the contents of the tank optimally hot or cold.

Do You Need Piping Insulation Covering and Jacketing?

While pipes remain insulated for greater safety, protection, and efficiency, you need to keep the insulation covered too. This is when you would require insulation jacketing, i.e., an outer covering over the insulation, along the length of the pipe or the tube. Based on your requirements, you could purchase various types of jackets, like:

  • Vapor retarders
  • Hygiene coverings
  • Mechanical abuse coverings
  • Appearance coverings
  • Weather barriers

Proper jacketing would not only protect the insulation, but also help it function more efficiently.

Why Is It Crucial to Choose the Right Company for the Insulation?

While there are different companies offering industry-grade insulation materials, not all of them are equally reliable. Poor insulation can raise the operating costs of the system by reducing efficiency, thus causing the industry to lose money. It is also wise to work with a company that can provide you with custom insulation solutions. If you wish to work with one of the top insulation companies in the area, feel free to call DanCar Industrial Group at 972-633-1200 or fill up this contact us form.

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